Welcome to Jonny Native Seed (JNS)

Jonny Native Seed is based in Albany, Oregon. Since 2006 I have supplied seeds of many plants native to the surrounding Willamette Valley and Coast and Cascade mountain ranges. My customers include wholesale native plant nurseries, government agencies, watershed councils, forest product companies, seed brokers, and arboretums. Most of the customers are in the U.S.A. but I also ship into Canada and around the world. 

I sell seeds of many (400+ species) flowers, shrubs, trees, vines, cactus, yucca, wetland plants and spores of ferns.  Besides seed from the local area, I also collect from the wider Pacific Northwest region and other areas as well.  I keep records of the collection location for all seeds.  

Non-rooted Cuttings

During the dormant season I also provide non-rooted cuttings of willows and other species that can be propagated vegetatively.  Please contact me for information.

History of Jonny Native Seed

Rubus parviflorus

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