I have experience collecting native seeds as my wife, Flip, and I owned Sevenoaks Native Nursery for over 13 years.  We grew plants in raised sandbeds with the motto “Roots to Grow on!”  


Sevenoaks as a business grew into a much bigger operation than we ever expected and we were starting to get worn out.  We sold the nursery business to one of our employees and a buddy of his in January of 2006 and at that time were growing over 125 species of bareroot and containerized native plants on over 10 acres.  Check out he availability lists on the Sevenoaks website: SevenoaksNativeNursery.com

Collecting seeds was always one of my favorite parts of running a nursery.  When we began to consider selling the nursery, I pondered what to do next.  Once selling native seeds began to emerge as a possibility, other considerations faded away.


With Jonny Native Seed, I am able to keep in contact with friends and associates made from the nursery and make new ones as well.  I spend plenty of time outdoors and continue discovering new things about plants and their connections with the environment around them.  It is satisfying knowing that many of the plants grown from the collected seeds will be use for restoration plantings and habitat enhancement.  


Care for the environment and God’s good creation matter to me.  I grew up on an organic date farm and worked many years as a wilderness ranger in the San Jacinto Mountains of southern California. In the early 1980’s and early 1990’s my wife and three daughters and I lived for four and a half years doing volunteer work in Haiti.  

We still visit Haiti and are involved there and around the world with helping introduce clean burning, fuel efficient cook stoves. To learn more of the stove efforts go to www.RechoRoket.com.


When I am collecting at a site there are often invasive plants competing and encroaching on the natives.  It is my practice to take time to either pull out the invasives or severely prune them back.  I also make it a practice to leave enough of the seeds being collected for the plants to continue with a viable population on the site.


I look forward to being able to help you with your native seed needs.  Take care,  Jon Anderson


How Jonny Native Seed started...

Collecting seeds was always one of my favorite parts of running Sevenoaks Native Nursery.

Native plants grown from seed

Planting acorns at Sevenoaks.

Seed scouting on Mt. San Jacinto

Reforestation in Haiti

Salix lucida catkins

Collecting Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata